We take care of every aspect of an event so you can relax & do what YOU do best - perform or enjoy the experience.

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Event Planning and Management


With our event planning and management services in New England, we help you create an amazing experience from start to finish. We do everything the “big guys” do but with a personalized touch and streamlined, comprehensive, communication. 

We've got the 4 P's of a Successful Event Covered

Paddle Out Productions Event Management
Bands – Concerts | Indoor Events | Outdoor Events | Winery & Brewery Features & Festivals


Whether planning the logistics of an event, the marketing or the execution, we have you covered with a depth of event planning skill, experience & creativity that's unmatched.



The success of an event is greatly determined by the breadth and quality of promotion. We know how to get the word out and get people excited about attending.



But all the best planning and promotion in the world won't ensure success if the execution of the event tanks. We don't tank. We rock. And we'll make sure your event rocks too.



Many promoters & producers consider the job done when the event's over. We close all loops & follow up to ensure you & attendees rave about the event for years to come.


“Where does Paddle Out Productions see it’s “sweet spot” for clients?”

We are thrilled to offer our event planning and management services to customers looking to deliver a high-end final product that will wow audiences. Ideally, they will push themselves with our support, to create something fantastically special. 

Whether it be a fun run event, concert or anniversary party or gala, we always give 120% and revel in working with customers and clients who appreciate that and shoot for that bar with us.

We also love to work with vineyards and breweries seeking to elevate themselves above the “usual” or “standard” – creating powerful and unique experiences for their patrons. Of course, another area where we can provide amazing value (while having a total blast) is helping towns and cities design and deploy local events that draw crowds and deliver rich, flavorful and fun experiences.

We keep more than just your attendees in mind during our event planning and management. Paddle Out Productions also handles artist management services.  

you need paddle out productions for event management and audio visual
  • You relish...

    …out of the box thinking (or are willing to explore unique ideas in addition to the tried-and-true)

  • You are passionate...

    …about your event and will be excited that our enthusiasm will always match that passion

  • You understand...

    …that creating a brand for your event (and being consistent with that brand) will be key to its success

  • You want...

    …your customers to leave excited about sharing their experience with others

Even better…. you don’t have to hire three, four, five… or even more than one company to get all of this. You just need to hire us. We offer full-service event planning and management in New England and become a part of your team and we do it all. With mind-blowing success. 

We Can…




Do Graphic



…and everything in between.



Rocks the House.

We provide coverage for musical acts that includes booking, marketing, graphic design & social media management.

Audio-Visual Production

Whether you need just certain parts of your audio-visual production managed or whether you need it all taken care of soup-to-nuts, our professional audio services have got you!

We handle:

Site Visit sand Pre-Production Meetings - To ensure proper understanding of the venue, the event and all the details in between. With proper planning and communication, we take away all the surprises and hiccups that can hinder any event.

Audio - Our New England professional audio services include setup, operation and break down. Flown speaker systems or ground support for all sizes and situations.

Lighting – Decorative and professional-quality “natural” lighting, formal event or large-scale concert with moving lights and more.

Video - Projection, video wall, and TVs.

Experienced Technicians – sStaffing to cover all aspects of an event or production

Post-Production – Debrief with clients, post-production deliverables such as video or audio recordings professionally edited as requested.


Audio-Visual Equipment Rental

We are a full-service audio rental company

Audio equipment we can provide includes:

  • Martin-Audio line array sound systems and point source powered speakers with complimentary subwoofers
  • Midas Consoles
  • Shure Wireless headset and Handheld Microphone systems
  • Various vocal and instrument microphones
  • Mic stands
  • Cabling
  • Power distribution
  • Much more.
  • Lighting Equipment we can provide:

Equipment that best fits your needs from accent lighting to complicated lighting with movers, show cues and more, we have you covered. Tell us about your project and we can help you make the right decision for your event.

If you are hosting an event in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, or surrounding areas, contact Paddle Out Productions for all your event planning and management needs.