But we also know when tried-and-true works best too.
Our rapid-fire problem solving when it comes to audio and technology has always been a point of pride.

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We are Paddle Out Productions

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Technically Skilled

Competently Experienced

Leadership Strong

Our company was born out of a vision by two people who have spent over the last decade in the concert and event industry.  Our experiences and shared passion for creating unique and special events led to the creation of Paddle Out Productions

We’re dads whose role models are our dads. We guess you could say we’re old school that way… we value adventure, but ground ourselves in stability and reliability, making you feel safe in your exploration.

We call Boston “home” and we love it! After all, what’s not to love?! There is so much going on – something for nearly everyone and every taste. From sports, music and special events – to restaurants and breweries, Boston is happening in a major way. Yet, still retains that “hometown feel” as well. You can escape to the “big city” when needed and then turn the corner and be back where everyone knows your name. 

Boston is an enigma that way and well, Bostonians are that unique mix of big city and hometown village and we bring that chameleon-like adaptability to our work. 

No job is too big or too small - too trivial OR too daunting.
We have the confidence and experience to ensure every project turns out excellent.

A little humor is vital and can go a long way to a successful partnership and event.

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At Work


We only work with the best equipment available and stand by the product we deliver. We never compromise quality for time and give our clients realistic schedules that accommodate their goals. We strive for honest customer service, so contracts are only paid in full when the finished work is to your complete satisfaction.

Why Choose Paddle Out Productions?

We Are

Hardworking and Personable. Intuitive Explorers.

Modern-Day Mavericks with the Skill and Experience to Back Up Ideas & Execution.

We thrive on helping you realize your vision and participating in your celebration.

Our years of traveling to different venues and event sites paired with our technical background is what first sparked the idea that we could help people build massively powerful event experiences, while also honing the small details that often get overlooked.

Decades of seeing the good and the bad made it clear exactly HOW to PRECISELY bring the technical and artistic elements of building a memorable event together in just the right way that people can’t stop raving about.

We’ll help you create the masterful event that people are gushing about at parties…. thirty years later. 

No job is “too little” or “too small.” Every job is “important.” And every detail “matters.” We’re not satisfied if you are not amazed with how easy it is to leave the details to us and overwhelmed… with the final result.